"I have always been attracted to the healing properties of nature. When I was a child my parents would care for my bruises, cuts and infections with herbal salves, essential oils and nutritious soups, spiked with herbs and spices. Despite this good grounding in tending to my health I had some tough lessons to learn. In my early adulthood I thought I was invincible. I threw myself with all my passion into whatever I was doing with such gusto that my work became all there was to life. I had no balance. No yin to my yang. After 4 years of working an average of 80hrs per week I found myself adrenally exhausted and suffering from a plethora of gut issues. I was literally forced to stop because my body could no longer keep up. My entire right arm and shoulder was full of pain from overuse: my body was reflecting the lack of balance that my mind had created.

Searching for answers I was drawn back to my interest in herbal and nutritional medicine. Slowly, with the guidance of natural medicine practitioners, I was able to bring some balance back into my life, heal my gut and restore my adrenals. It took 18 months until I finally began to have energy again. Looking for a new direction, I decided that I needed balance to become a way of life and that I wanted to help others find this balance also. So I began studying a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Naturopathy.

During my studies I continued to suffer the after effects of my former high-stress life and I learned that polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) was behind my battle with adult acne, anxiety and other hormonal issues. So, my journey to health continued as I learned how to re-balance my hormones using herbs, diet and lifestyle techniques. During times where I gave in to my tendency to be a workaholic, my life seesawed out of balance again and I learned how connected my health issues were to stress. Yet each time I found myself out on a limb it was a little closer to the centre than it had been before and I moved back to health a little quicker. Although balance will always be a challenge for me, I am now much more connected with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of myself. I realise that balance must occur on many axes for one to feel healthy, happy and fulfilled.

My own journey has left me with a special interest in resolving PCOS naturally and holistically. I now relish using naturopathic medicine to help women achieve clear skin, fertility and hormonal balance. Within this, what I am most passionate about is empowering women to heal themselves by getting to the root cause of their ailments.

I look forward to assisting you on your journey from imbalance to balance."



In private consultations Josephine gathers a comprehensive health history and detailed picture of your current health, to really understand what's standing in your way to optimal wellness. From there, she uses herbal and nutritional medicine alongside diet and lifestyle strategies to achieve collaborative goals. Most importantly, she educates you how to take your health into your own hands, using steps that are easy to follow. Josephine combines the strengths of scientific evidence, traditional knowledge and her own clinical experience to offer you the best action plan for being well. She aims to work collaboratively with your other healthcare providers, where applicable.  

"Naturopathy is really all about using the body's natural ability to heal from within. When you restore balance and optimal working order to the body's systems, lasting changes are created. In PCOS, naturopathy aims to correct the interplay of signals between organs in the body. It's like re-wiring a communications network."



"Herbal medicine has a long history of traditional use, throughout the world, for menstrual irregularities and fertility. More recently, clinical trials are confirming the validity of both herbal and nutritional treatments for PCOS, and deepening our understanding of the underlying causes. We now know that herbs and nutrients can be used to balance specific hormones and encourage the normal, healthy function of organs, glands and bodily systems. Teamed with modifying our diet and the way we live our daily lives, these therapies can form the basis of long-lasting hormonal change."

Josephine can help you use these tools to resolve hormonal acne, infertility and menstrual cycle abnormalities. Most importantly, she can aid you to understand your body and take control of your own hormonal balance.

Josephine is the author of The PCOS Solution and is available for one-to-one consultations at Brunswick Health and Fertile Ground Health Group, in Melbourne.